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We are vaccinated and unvaccinated Alberta Public Servants and family supporters of the Alberta Public Service, from all government ministries and departments, standing together against the Government of Alberta employee covid vaccine mandate. We support public safety and deliver public services. We are diligent workers striving to return society to a balanced and free state. We oppose any solution to the covid crisis that exerts government authority pressure to coerce their employees to participate in medical procedures, testing and vaccinations with the threat of prejudicial reprisal if we do not consent having no regard for our personal choice to refuse.

Please read the original open letter and then our most recent Demand Letter.

If you are an employee of the Alberta Public Service, whether as a member of the union or in management or executive leadership, please consider signing the letter. If you are a business partner, stakeholder, APS family, or supporter of an Alberta Public Servant, please consider signing the letter. Email is collected to verify the authenticity of the signatures. Your identities will be protected and your names will not be posted in any letters unless legal action is filed. If revealing your name concerns you, please see our Privacy Policy and Legal Representation section for options on how you are better protected.

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As an employed Alberta Public Servant or a close supporter of an Alberta Public Servant, we support you!