AUPE Attempts Sweep Under Carpet

MyAPSChoice have received reports from GOA employees who have filed a grievance thorough the AUPE, that their process or hearing has been cancelled. This, the AUPE says, is because the GOA Vaccination Policy has been rescinded.

The termination of the GOA Vaccination Policy does not equate to the Public Service Commission being absolved of any or all responsibility for a breach of privacy, coercion, employee harassment, discrimination, harm or financial hardship. The MyAPSChoice Group has yet to receive an official finding in response to formally filed complaints from:

  • the Human Rights Commissioner for discrimination,
  • the Alberta Ombudsman for not following natural justice or due process,
  • the GOA Human Relations directorate for harassment,
  • the Occupational Health & Safety Office for hazardous exposure,
  • the Privacy Commissioner for a breach of personal privacy,
  • and from other internal entities¬† such as the Public Service Commissioner and the Office of the Premier.

You have further choices at your disposal:

  1. Demand that your grievance proceed.
  2. Appeal any premature decision.
  3. File a new grievance if necessary to recover any financial losses caused by being placed on leave without pay, or for paying for your own COVCID19 testing.
  4. Contact the MyAPSChoice Legal Counsel to become an affiant in any civil litigation.
  5. File a personal complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman if the AUPE ignores your grievance.
  6. File a personal complaint with GOA Employee Relations for harassment if you feel you were pressured to withdraw your grievance or any other complaint.