The GOA is Legally Accountable

The Government of Alberta, Public Service Commission, will be held accountable for their inappropriate and unlawful discrimination of their employees.

  • The Legal Tides are Turning. Read this recent Ontario Superior Court decision. Quote: “… is “misinformation” even a real word? Or has it become a crass, self-serving tool to pre-empt scrutiny and discredit your opponent?  To de-legitimize questions and strategically avoid giving answers.  Blanket denials are almost never acceptable in our adversarial system.  Each party always has the onus to prove their case and yet “misinformation” has crept into the court lexicon.  A childish – but sinister – way of saying “You’re so wrong, I don’t even have to explain why you’re wrong… Evidence and both sides of the story.  We’re in deep trouble if those become antiquated concepts…”


  • Laid off unvaccinated employees are still entitled to employment insurance (EI).
  • Wrongful dismissal claims soar.